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Examples: · I ran into a problem just like this when I was starting out. Here's a great piece of advice from my then-boss that helped me a lot. · This reminds me. Productivity · Regularly exceeds the productivity targets set at each appraisal and review checkpoint. · Consistently delivers beyond expectations in all areas. Good Review · Kalee exceeds all expectations in her role as server ·. She always has a positive attitude. She adapts easily to rapid change in the workplace. She. Collaboration and teamwork · Is happy to help a colleague with a task even if it is outside his job description. · Does not hesitate to ask help from others. Managers can use phrases such as “well done,” “great job,” and “I appreciate your hard work” to acknowledge achievements and efforts. Recognizing employee.

Recognizing Positive Performance · Your ability to take the initiative in streamlining our internal processes is truly impressive. · I want to. Positive self appraisal comments · I am able to clearly share my ideas and opinions with the team · I keep my team members duly informed about my work and. DAILY DECISION MAKING/ PROBLEM SOLVING - Thinking on the job. · Always offers ideas to solve problems based on good information and sound judgment. · Displays. When rating employees, consider their participation and willingness to participate in employee development opportunities. The comments sections should be used. performance relative to KPI goals (being clear that meeting KPI goals is a "meets expectations" not "exceeds expectations" - to exceed. Performance review examples: phrases and questions · Accomplishing goals · Leadership qualities · Communication · Teamwork · Culture/Values. Phrases to indicate performance is acceptable or exceeds expectation · Has an exceptional attention to detail · Consistently follows up and prevents work from. Dave demonstrates significant expertise at his job because of his in-depth knowledge and skills. He is an exceptionally fast learner and able to quickly put new. I frequently publicly and privately acknowledge my peers and/or employees for a job well done. Job Performance. 8. I take pride in my work and value doing my. As an Employee · Collect and prepare evidence of your performance: These can include notable accomplishments, aggregated KPIs, feedback and praise from. Especially for an inexperienced manager (or employee conducting a self-assessment), it can be difficult to conduct a meaningful performance review. Thus.

Need help with an employee evaluation? Our employee review template includes sample phrases across themes like goal progress, communication and job. Improve employee performance with expertly crafted performance review phrases. Drive success, and foster growth with our expert recommendations. ✓ He has a strong grasp and understanding of his job responsibilities. ✓ He always maintains accuracy in his work. ✓ He never neglects any detail of any task. “Utilizes creative potential to realize company goals.” · “Is consistent in developing novel ideas during meetings.” · “Demonstrates initiative for productivity-. Colleague Review Example Comments · "Your ability to collaborate with team members is outstanding. · "I appreciate your attention to detail when it comes to. Make sure you're familiar with your company's guidance on performance management · Review your employee's job description · Review the goals that you set your. Positive phrases: · Consistently exceeds performance expectations. · Achieves goals and targets consistently. · Takes initiative to improve performance. · Delivers. Performance review comments about leadership. If your employee is meeting expectations 1. "You stepped up to the plate to lead [team/project] to [result]. A simple performance review focuses on performance phrases rather than numbers. This is because it's crucial to give team members context about how they're.

Problem solving appraisal comments: you're doing great · You always maintain an effective dialogue with clients when they have technical problems. · You. You've been struggling to turn up to work on time, which I've noticed has a detrimental effect on your schedule for the rest of the day. I know you're a. Examples of Positive Appraisal Phrases. Last year, your productivity was impressive. Well done. You always try to improve your productivity, and it. You'll never struggle with performance appraisals again! Do you dread writing employee performance evaluations? Do you struggle for hours to find just the. employee name> has an even demeanor through good times and bad. His constant cheer helps others keep their “enthusiasm” – both positive and negative – in check.

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