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20 Weird Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well in · 1. Theatrical & Performance Makeup Artist. Median Salary: $, per year · 2. Bingo Manager. Median. And when we say weird, we mean “even-recruiters-are-smiling-at-these” weird. People can get pretty imaginative when they're describing their job titles, so we. Despite the myth that every job is needed, some of the unusual jobs sound senseless. A restroom attendant is from the so-called list of jobs for people who. 1. Danny DeVito Styled Dead People's Hair · 2. Christopher Walken Tamed Lions · 3. Hugh Jackman Was a Party Clown and a P.E. Teacher · 4. Johnny Depp Sold. If you feel that the contestants are the first people to taste the unappetizing food showed on shows like fear factors then you are wrong. The obscure stunt.

At Coburg Banks we've seen some really odd job titles on people's CVs over the years. Here is a breakdown of our favourite 50 that we have genuinely seen on. JobMonkey has a massive selection of unique job profiles where you can catch a glimpse into a day in the life of a unique job. Plus, you'll get a quick snapshot. Unusual jobs worldwide showcase the diversity of human interests and how people find fulfilment in their careers. Whether it's milking. 30 Unique Jobs To Consider (With Salaries and Job people the freedom to be creative, travel unusual responsibilities or have different work environments. Jun 13, - People share their unusual and weird careers that many do not know of! Top 10 Weird Jobs · 1. Egyptian nose-picker. · 2. Royal toilet assistant. · 3. Professional sleeper. · 4. Paint watcher. · 5. Professional cryer. · 6. Dog food tester. Looking for work and life experiences off the beaten path? You're in the right place. Browse unique job openings and connect with employers to find your.

There are many people who still die to snake bites, so this profession is made to acquire snake's venom and bring it to the researchers! Although they do hire. 15 Super Weird Jobs with Salaries That Are Just as Unusual · Elevator inspector. These inspectors make sure your elevator delivers you seamlessly, but their job. Top 10 weirdest jobs · Professional Sleeper. A Finnish hotel employs a full-time Professional Sleeper. · Panda Fluffer. Pandas are an endangered species and. Would people apply for jobs with weird job titles? And what do these weird new job titles really mean? And where do you have to go to find work as a. Some people from Ask Reddit have shared their strange jobs — that you might want to take up yourself. 1. I work in QC (Quality Control) for media. Whilst most people are familiar with certain types of working animals - service dogs, for instance - there are some weird jobs for animals that are not as. Weird, wonderful, complex people - with diverse backgrounds in strategy, creative and technology. But no matter how different we are, we all have one thing in. Face Feeler | Hourly Salary: $25*. Another weird job that's just goes as it sounds, a face feeler touches the faces of people who try new skincare products. It started when I found the right job, the right product, the right city, and the right people to work with. Phase III started by using what.

1) Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man: If the fact that there's an underwater hotel in Florida isn't bizarre enough, to add on to that, they have a scuba diving. Weird people - Quality Inspector and Medical Component Inspector CoorsTek Employee Review You can share insights and advice anonymously with employees and get. Sniffing armpits. Scuba diving for golf balls. Building secret passageways. For some lucky people, these strange tasks are all in a day's work. Want to learn.

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